A sustainable city known for dazzling parades, the washington state fair and rich cultural history 
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Puyallup has a long and rich history of sustainable agriculture, historical preservation and cultural interest in the Puget Sound. The city is known for hosting the Washington State Fair each year, as well as the Daffodil Festival each spring. It's nestled at the foot of Mount Rainier, and it's the perfect location to start your Pacific Northwestern adventures.


Antique shopping, top-notch cuisine and cultural points of interest at the foot of Mt. Rainier


Farmers markets, outdoor activities and convenient living in southern Puyallup

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"Exploring the Puget Sound"

Puyallup's prime location at the foot of Mt. Rainier makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the great  Pacific Northwest, regardless of which direction you're travelling in.

Watch the video to find out what Point Defiance Park offers to residents and visitors alike. 

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