Boutique shopping, specialty brewhouses and low-key family-fun in one of tacoma's oldest neighborhoods

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Have you ever wondered what makes Tacoma's Proctor District so damn charming? We have, and we think we've figured out just what it is: Proctor is a boutique neighborhood. It'sa small district packed with locally-owned and operated niche stores in which every detail - every window display, bushel of fresh produce or handmade sign -- is carefully curated for customers with a little time on their hands ...  READ MORE​​

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"Craft Brewing with Peaks and Pints"

​​​Let the experts at Tacoma's Peaks and Pints bring you a crash course on local craft brewing in the South Puget Sound. ​​
Watch the video to learn from Proctor's resident experts! 

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by Ruth Kingsland/JBLM PAO

There’s no need to wait for spring or summer for farmer’s market supplies; a few local winter markets are open throughout the cooler months and offer a plethora of fresh produce and other market items ... ​​​ READ MORE
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