Port Orchard

Charming and walkable waterfront alongside seasonal festivals you'll only find in the pacific northwest

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Real Food Traveler author Elizabeth Rose gives a great overview of Port Orchard in her travelogue, "​ A Visit to Port Orchard, Washington: Food, Festival and Ferry ." Read the article to learn about the city's booming culinary scene and to discover something new about Port Orchard! STORY HERE

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"Where the Sea meets the Sky" - An Introduction to Kitsap County, WA

Our friends at MeetKitsap.com have been hard at work creating videos about Kitsap County. Kitsap has over 250 miles of salt water and freshwater shoreline and is truly a boaters paradise. The majestic Olympic mountain range brackets the Western skyline and downtown Seattle is a relaxing ferry boat away.

To learn more about Kitsap County and an amazing quality of life, visit MeetKitsap.com

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Go on a whimsical trip to Port Orchard to learn all about this magical Hobbit Hole! The folks at Atlas Obscura visited the half-size house and got all the details to satisfy our curiosity. READ THE STORY HERE

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