Gig Harbor

historic charm, fine dining and waterfront living in the puget sound
Photo by Tom Collins​

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There is no giant octopus beneath the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. We all know it to be true, but most of us still contemplate the eerie possibility every time we cross the bridge, leaving the hustle and bustle of Tacoma behind and heading for the quiet charm of Gig Harbor. "The Maritime City," as Gig Harbor is known by locals, has become a hotspot for tourism over the last few decades ... ​ READ MORE

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"A Day in Gig Harbor"

​​​​​Discover the maritime city of Gig Harbor, where historic charm, modern amenities and waterfront living meet at the shore. If you've never been to Gig Harbor, this video will give you a crash course on the local attractions and fin dining in the area! 

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