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No one goes to Tacoma's 6th Avenue neighborhood to explore the outdoors or catch a glimpse of the sweet waters of the Puget Sound. They go there to experience the funky Tacoma vibe -- the one the gritty city is -- and has been -- known for over the last few decades. When people visit 6th Ave they dip into pinball bars for a cool beer and a shot at the high score, while away the afternoon browsing thrift and record shops, or get a tattoo (why not?) if they're feeling spontaneous. Exploring 6th Ave is all about catching the Tacoma vibe ...  READ MORE

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Leave Netflix behind for the city lights and entertainment of Tacoma's singles scene. We're bringing you a fool-proof lineup of bars, clubs and entertainment in Tacoma. Watch now to find the perfect spot for some Friday, Saturday and even Sunday night fun.
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